Attentional Issues and the Gifted Child

Minding the Details: Attentional Issues and the Gifted Child

There are adults/children who have been identified as gifted who in fact have issues relating to attention.

These issues manifest as troubles with sustained focus and spotty attention to task, that precludes productivity.

Regardless of their innate and idiosyncratic gifted style they also have attention troubles.


This does not mean they have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

They might.

But they also may be in the throes of a complex anxiety arc fed by under-stimulation and over-stimulation, in uneven measure. Sometimes the world they live in is grossly inadequate to feed their hungry mind and heart. Sometimes their inner world is so rife with ideas and feelings – unfed and unexpressed – that they are felled, psychologically clear-cut.

This extreme lack of fit, intellectually, socially or emotionally, can be disastrous and severely interfere with their capacity for attention.

Which begs for a nuanced and differential diagnosis and valid treatment plan based on broader, in-depth understanding of the complexity inherent in mental health for gifted individuals…

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