Spotlight Program

Effective May 2022

We are winding down services at Gifted Support Center and have discontinued our testing services. We are still offering consultation services for parents, consisting of advocacy, school placement, and enrichment opportunities for your children. Please reach out at if you are interested in more information about our consultation services.

If you have questions about your child’s previous assessment from Gifted Support Center, or if you would like to be connected with your child’s testing psychologist, please reach out at .

Please note that Dr. Bradley Siu is continuing to provide WISC and WPPSI testing in his private practice. He can be reached at 628-400-1433, or; .

If you are interested in registering for the Leave Your Sleep music and arts integrated curriculum, you can register at and/or with the California Department of Education’s California Educators Together curriculum site, at

For questions about Leave Your Sleep for Education, please reach out at

It has been our pleasure serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over the past twelve years. We wish you and your children all the best in the years ahead!


Ann Smith
Co-Founder and Executive Director