Quantitative Assessments:
  • WISC-V
    Qualitative Assessments:
  • Characteristics of Giftedness
  • Intensities/Overexcitabilities Assessment
  • Multiple Intelligences Assessment
  • Renzulli Scales

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    Support Services:
  • Parent Groups: Supporting Your Gifted Child
  • SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) for Youth; Developing Awareness; Building Wisdom
  • Gifted and SEL Resources Lending Library
  • Complimentary Speaker Series
  • Newsletter

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    Consultation Services:
  • Enrichment Opportunities
  • Parenting and Educational Consulting
  • Professional Referrals and Resources
  • School Placement

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Saturday, January 10, 2015 - 17:19

What the Research Says
Differentiation and Acceleration

Our Commitment

At Gifted Support Center we understand the joys and challenges of parenting high ability children. We are committed to providing education, insight, guidance and emotional support about giftedness.

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